In October, Foam & Wash Car Wash hosted their annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign to raise funds for the Miles of Hope & Brielle Grace Breast Cancer Foundation. Every new unlimited car wash package sold at their six soft cloth car wash tunnels resulted in a $10 donation. Their wonderful staff’s dedication led to a grand total of $8000 raised. “Evan Baright said: We take immense pride in our team’s achievement and are so proud to donate $4000 to each organization. This contribution will greatly benefit numerous individuals affected by cancer, and we extend our gratitude to both organizations for their tireless work in supporting these families.” “Miles Of Hope said: Once again we are overwhelmed with gratitude to the Baright family and Foam & Wash for this generous donation. Their donation throughout the years have enabled us to help more people affected by breast cancer in the Hudson Valley. Thank you Foam & Wash!”

“Brielle Grace Breast Cancer Foundation said: We would like to extend our gratitude to Foam & Wash, our friends, family, and our community. We thank you for your compassion to support patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer. To the girl, who is newly diagnosed, I was there too. Don’t give up hope, know that you are supported and loved every day!” Foam & Wash is a locally owned family business. Born in 1966 with one of the country’s first coin-operated car washes in Vails Gate, it has grown to 13+ properties & 130 fantastic associates. They operate a Shell gasoline station & convenience store, soft cloth washes, touch-free automatics, self-service car washes, dog washes, and a laundromat.

For more information, please visit their website at https://foamandwash.com/